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The ...abus dative/ablative plural is a rare feature of the first declension that can in exceptional cases be traced back at least to classical Latin. For example, you will find Cicero saying (Pro C. Rabirio perduellionis reo): ab Iove Optimo Maximo ceterisque dis deabusque immortalibus [...] pacem ac veniam peto Clearly in this case Cicero uses the form ...


This passage is taken from Mt 6:13 and is part of the "Lord's prayer," arguably the most common prayer in Christianity. The standard translation of this passage, used by almost all English-speaking Christians since 1611, is as follows: And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil An earlier translation from 1389 is identical, if you ...


Literally: "And please do not lead us into temptation/trial, but free us from evil." I assume this is biblical, but I'm a translate first and cite second sort of guy.

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