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Why is the infinitive of "possum" "posse", and not something like *potesse or *potere?

It's true that posse as a verb represents a kind of univerbation of potis + esse, but that doesn't mean every individual form does. The present infinitive, in particular, is just the stem pot- with ...
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How many of Latin words became part of English and Spanish?

I have created a list of 2378 Latin words used in listening, speaking, reading and writing English. The spelling of these modern words is the same as it is in Latin. The list includes Latin words used ...
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Have these Greek letters been related to these Latin/English letters?

F and Φ: No. F descends from Greek digamma, a letter that originally represented /w/, which died out in the Greek alphabet shortly after /w/ did. You can still see relics of it in the number system. H ...
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