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Meaning of old Greek neighborhoods' names

A few minutes browsing Wikipedia suggests none of these names are old: Κουκάκι is named after Κουκάκη, a manufacturer of beds that operated in the neighbourhood before WWII. That's just some guy's ...
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What semantic notions connect 'fold' with 'plight' = predicament?

The answer is given, in plain and simple words, in the second paragraph of the quotation from Etymonline in the question itself. The semantic expansion happened in English. When taken together, this; ...
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Why does ploro mean lament, but exploro means explore?

According to De Vaan: No etymology [going back to PIE]. [Walde-Hofmann] and [Ernout and Meillet] regard the ancient explanation as not unlikely, viz. that the verb explōrāre originally meant 'to ...
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Is Classical Latin “proelium” (battle) in any way related to English “broil” (quarrel)?

We don't know, but it's unlikely! Both of these words have uncertain etymologies. But there are reasons to think that the resemblances in form between broil and proelium are coincidental, which would ...
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