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You might also consider borrowing the French and Spanish royal titles "Rex Christianissimus" and "Rex Catholicissimus" respectively.


To be generous, you could translate this, "Let us live or freedom dies for America." Literally, vivamus (1st person plural, active present, subj or indicative either will get give the right meaning - let us live or we are living - I think the subj is weaker, actually) = we are living - vel (conjunction) = or - libero = free {living} (Dat singular ...


Unde recte colligas codicillos, quos deinde imperatores tamquam ultimae voluntatis genus adprobarunt, nihil aliud fuisse quam epistolas scriptas ad haeredes de eo, quod post mortem suam scribentes ab haeredibus fieri vellent. Heineccius lib. II. A. R. p. 543. "And from this you may conclude/summarise correctly that codicils, which the Emperors later ...

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