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How can I tell the difference between intransitive verbs, and absolute transitive verbs?

You are comparing two completely different kinds of thing. An intransitive verb is a way of classifying verbs in the lexicon. An absolute transitive verb is a description of the way that a verb is ...
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Translation of the genitive gerund

In d_e's answer, if "'cupiditas amplum modum sperandi' is to be understood as a single unit to mean, 'greed to expect a large land' why did Livy select the genitive-gerund, "sperandi", ...
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What does "1" mean in vocabulary entries?

The number means that the verbs belong to the first conjugation. There are four or so conjugations or inflection types of Latin verbs. The verb dare is close to the first conjugation but somewhat ...
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Translation of the genitive gerund

It is quite common to see the word cupiditas or cupido and their derivatives together with the genitive gerund. Hence, most probably, cupiditas amplum modum sperandi should be understood as a single ...
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