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What is this word and what is it doing?

ᾗ is the adverb here, which has a particular usage with a superlative. Liddell & Scott actually cite this exact passage: III. with Sup., ᾗ ἐδύνατο τάχιστα as quickly as he could, X.An.1.2.4, etc.;...
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What's the meaning of "soli" in this sentence?

The entire verse is as follows: Credendum est magis soli Mariae veraci Quam Judaeorum Turbae fallaci. The grammar is clear: "We should believe more in A than in B." Credere can take the ...
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What's the meaning of "soli" in this sentence?

Soli goes with Mariae, so you can translate soli Mariae veraci as "(in) truthful Mary alone" (as brianpck points out, "alone" in this case needs to be understood as an adjective ...
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What's the role of the word "scribam" in this Cicero's sentence?

It's an indirect question. This would be a direct question: Quid ad te scribo? "What do I write to you?" An indirect question in Latin always comes with the conjunctive mood (not future ...
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