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Here is a video that counts from 1 to 3999 in roman/latin numbers - with voice, so you can hear how it sounds like: Hear and see how romans count in latin numbers


A. The translation of ex aequo demulcens will have to takes its cue from mentem acuat, and to a lesser extent 'exercises...' 'delights...' 'teaches...' Perhaps translate as 'stimulates the mind...- equally soothing' (the soul, eyes, ears) or as 'excites the mind...- equally calming' B. concentu carminum etc for a modern audience draws attention to all ...


omnium elegantissima: The form of omnium is genitive plural, dependent on the superlative: 'most elegant of all.' acuat…exerceat…oblectet…doceat: Note that these 4 verbs are subjunctive. The construction could be the so-called relative clause of characteristic, which is generalizing and can be used to talk about the characteristics of a broad class: 'that ...

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