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Lingua Latina per se Illustrata, chapter 6, weird sentence with passive voice

"Servi mali dominum timent neque a domino timentur." For the first clause of the sentence I wouldn't say "are afraid of" because that detracts from the grammar of the sentence in a ...
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Active verbs with passive meanings

Phocas (Keil 1855-1880v: 430.29-32): “[The classes of verbs can be identified by means of easy reckoning. They are either …] or neuter, which signify a performance (actum), have an active form, and ...
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The active and passive infinitives are said to be from locative and dative nouns, respectively: why?

The Latin infinitive parallels Sanskrit and Ancient Greek, sec. Allen and Greenough. It appears that in Proto-Indo-European there was a "dative of purpose or consequence" idiom. The ...
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