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How to determine when a noun is an objective genitive versus a subjective genitive?

As you can read in grammar books, the subjective and objective genitive can be ambiguous, especially in the case of a noun as we have here. In this particular sentence, it seems clear to me that ...
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Use of gerund with ablative of means or method

Yes, that is exactly right. Nando or natando means "by swimming".
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The three maxims at the Temple of Apollo (Greek)

Diodorus Siculus IX 10.1-4 has "ἐγγύα, πάρα δ' ἄτα"
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Correct way of writing "Lying is unforgivable" in Latin?

Your suggestion Mendacium est irremissibile is certainly correct Latin and just about means what you want it to. It would indeed be more common to put est at the end. Two comments: Strictly speaking, ...

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