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How do you say "dry river/watercourse" in Latin?

Is there a specific/right term to refer to this Mediterranean natural entity, i.e. a place where a stream runs sporadically?
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why all tree names in Latin are femininum? [duplicate]

Why most of the tree names in Latin are femininum? Is there any historical/etymological reason for it? quercus [quercūs, f.] betula [betulæ, f.] alnus [alni, f.] fraxinus [fraxini, f.] populus [...
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What word did the Romans use to describe a hot, dry, sandy desert?

Did the Romans during the classical era have a word for a dry, hot, desert? There is desertum, but that is more "wilderness" than explicitly desert in the sense we might think of today. ...
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Exact meaning of aurora in canon law?

Aurora means dawn, that's well known. But there is more than one type of dawn. The English Wikipedia knows three types: astronomical (18°), nautical (12°) and civil dawn (sun 6° below the horizon). ...
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What are the moon phases in Latin?

Here is a list of phases that we distinguish in English (taken from here): Full Moon Waning Gibbous Moon Last Quarter Moon Waning Crescent Moon New Moon Waxing Crescent Moon First Quarter Moon Waxing ...
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Did the Romans give names to instances of natural disasters?

It is common to name storms. For example, a hurricane called Harvey is now over Texas. On the other hand, ancient people named deities related to various places and natural phenomena. There might be a ...
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