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For questions about consecutio temporum, the dependence of the tense of a conjunctive subordinate clause on the main clause.

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How would you say "I heard old war drums beat." in Latin?

See this question on English Language Learners StackExchange for context. My attempt to say it in Latin would be "Audivi vetera belli tympana tunsa fuisse.". Is that correct?
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Question about consecutio temporum in fabulae syrae

I am reading Fabulae Syrae and I am having some questions about consecutio temporum. I do know the basic rules from familia romana. However there are some sentences that are causing me some trouble. 1....
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Present or imperfect subjunctive in this translation exercise?

In North & Hillard; Ex 191, Q10: the student is required to translate: "He refused to fight until reinforcements came." An awkward one: the student has to remember to use "negavit" (he denied ...
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Is active periphrastic conjugation compulsory in consecutio temporum?

There is a rule which I have learned to know and love by the name consecutio temporum, and it governs the tense of a conjunctive predicate in (many) subordinate clauses. All three Latin Grammars I ...
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Choosing conjunctive tenses in a clause subordinate to a subordinate clause

I will phrase my question through an example. Consider this sentence in English: I do not know whether you wrote where you are. This has one governing clause ("I do not know") and two ...
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Consecutio temporum et praesens historicum

Sometimes in an intensive narrative the present tense is used to refer to past events. Such use of the present tense is called praesens historicum. It is formally present but semantically past. How ...
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How to choose tense of conjunctive in a clause subordinate to an accusativus cum infinitivo structure?

The tense for a conjunctive predicate in a subordinate clause can be chosen following the consecutio temporum rule. The tense depends on the tense of the main clause. But how to choose the tense when ...
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