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How to say "money laundering" in Latin?

How does one say "money laundering" or "to launder money" in Latin? Latin does have words for different types of money (St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica II-II q. 32 a. 7 co.): ...
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When is the genitive used for money rather than the ablative?

In some exercises I am doing, there are the following sentences: Haec stola octo milibus nongentis nummorum Iaponensium constat. Caro octigentis nummis Iaponensibus constat. I don't understand why ...
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What does "ob" mean in a money context?

"Ob" appears as a sum of money in a property list of 1598, written in Latin with lots of abbreviations. What does it mean in this context?
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How would you say, "open financial system"?

I've tried a few angles of how this could be represented, but they all feel clunky or implying other meaning. Iustus pecunia was the first, focusing on justice and fairness Pecunia liber seems ...
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What are the Latin forms behind credit and debit?

The English terms credit and debit seem to come from the Latin verbs credere and debere. However, it is not clear to me what forms of these verbs are behind these English words. It could be that they ...
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A word for income tax

I suddenly realized that I don't know how to translate the English word "tax" to Latin. What would be the best Latin word for "tax(es)" in the sense of income (salary) taxation in the modern world? I ...
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How did the Romans call their currency?

I wanted to make a kind of western-style WANTED-poster in Latin, and I got a few questions about it. My questions: how did the romans say WANTED on a poster? I was doubting between the words ...
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