Doing research (the question was also asked here as well) I came across the name having a French origin meaning "bald". However, I also came across that the name has a connection to the word/name "Chauvin". Does the name Calvin etymology just mean bald as in, balding of the hair? Is/was there a deeper meaning such as being empty, bereft, or lacking substance? How does the name/word relate to Chauvin?

Thank you.

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The name Chauvin (and the English form Calvin) is from the diminutive of the French chauve which means bald. According to the Trésor de la langue française, chauve comes from the Latin calvus.

According to Michiel de Vaan's Etymological Dictionary of Latin and the other Italic Languages, the origin of calvus is attributed to the Proto-Indo-European *klH‑e/ou̯o‑‎:

enter image description here

The basic meaning is that of a bald head, and thus has no deeper meaning associated with it as suggested by your question.

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