I am making a shirt for our locksport group and was thinking about incorporating a take on the "Veni,Vidi,Vici" phrase. At locksport competitions it is customary to call out "OPEN" when we get a lock open so our time can be recorded. The phrase I want to use Veni,Vidi, and then the Latin word for "open".

In my research I came up with 2 options aperui and reseravi. Is there another option? If not what one would be the most "correct".

I am also thinking about doing the phrase as a plural "we came, we saw, we opened" statement, from what I understand you can add the -mus suffix to make the Latin plural form of a word.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated, Thanks in advance...

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I think in this case, resero wins, because its primary meaning means "unlock."

For aperio, the meanings derive from the action of opening a door or even uncovering an object. The verb recludo (reclusi = "I have opened") is similar in this regard.

This might work if the convention were about door locks, but for "I opened = I unlocked", I think resero is your best bet, since it not only means "unlock" etymologically (re- = "back", sero = "I fastened," from sera = "bolt"), but it's frequently used with doors and gates and the action of unbarring them for entry or exit.

To make it plural, you are correct that you merely change the -i ending to -imus:

Venimus, vidimus, reseravimus.

We came, we saw, we unlocked.


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