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For questions regarding caesura, a certain kind of pause in ancient poetry. Consider using also broader tags about poetry or poetic meters.

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Caesura before or after "-que"

Can a word with the enclitic "-que" still have a caesura before the que? E.g. in the verse: Arma virumque cano ... is there a caesura between virum and que. Or is there no caesura since the ...
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Principal caesura in unus erat toto line I.6 of Ovid's Metamorphoses

I am scanning Ovid's metamorphoses. For the line "unus erat toto naturae vultus in orbe," I have - - | - - | - - | - ' ' | - ' ' | - x. There doesn't seem to be an obvious position for the ...
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What is the behaviour of liaisons and elisions over a caesura?

I'm currently composing a Latin poem, which I'm writing in Alcmanian strophes. The dactylic tetrameter is not usually thought of as having a caesura, so my question pertains mostly to the hexameter ...
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How does the caesura work on this line?

sed leve pondus erat nec quod cognoscere possent Solis equi, solitaque iugum gravitate carebat (Ovid Metamorphoses book 2) At first I thought it might be like this, as my first explorations of Ovid ...
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Caesuras in Phalaecian verses

In short: I need help to analyse the versification of some verses written by Catullus.13. Theses verses are pure hendecasyllabic Phalaecian, namely - - | - u u | - u | - u | - u . What bothers me is ...
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When does caesura occur in a dactylic hexameter?

Wikipaedia says this: In dactylic hexameter, a caesura occurs any time the ending of a word does not coincide with the beginning or the end of a metrical foot; in modern prosody, however, it is ...
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