I am interested in learning Latin. I have tried to find good resources to do this online but have found a great deal of noise. Does anyone have any good recommendations of how to properly learn Latin from scratch? Books or resources would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the site! I recommend looking at this post for learning resources – Adam Jan 18 '20 at 4:54
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    Welcome! I second the comment by @Adam. Please check that other question out. If you don't find what you were looking for, please edit this question to specify what you would like. I think that one should have what you need, but you need to judge it yourself. We can make a permanent link from this post to the other so that anyone who finds your question finds the resource list. – Joonas Ilmavirta Jan 18 '20 at 10:17
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    @Adam Thank you I will give it a read. So far it seems like it was just what I was looking for. Cheers. – lambdaepsilon Jan 19 '20 at 19:21