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Ranking of the Books of the Nova Vulgata by difficulty

Salvete omnes, I want to try my hand on the Nova Vulgata, but I wanted to do so deliberately and increasing the difficulty gradually so I can use it as comprehensible input. Could anyone here give me ...
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Resources for pronouncing Greek

Similar to our question about the pronunciation of Latin, I believe it would be very useful for users to have a single question to reference for resources for pronouncing Greek. Greek, as with Latin, ...
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Declining caput, capitis (3rd decl., neuter) as a starting student

Can somebody please point me in the correct direction so that I can understand why the following declension is done that way? The neutral noun "caput" came up in a correspondence course I am ...
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An introduction to Latin etymology?

I've never studied etymology, but I find myself interested in how words came into Latin and how Latin gave rise to words in other languages. There are many sources for finding the etymology of a given ...
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Why do we learn the genitive singular of each Latin noun?

When Latin nouns are listed for memorisation they are listed with the nom. sg., the gen. sg. and their gender. E.g. agricola, agricolae, masculine. Why are each of these forms necessary for ...
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Learning from scratch [duplicate]

I am interested in learning Latin. I have tried to find good resources to do this online but have found a great deal of noise. Does anyone have any good recommendations of how to properly learn Latin ...
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Learn Ancient Greek or Latin first?

I am in the beginning stages of thinking about learning both Ancient Greek and Latin. During my initial research, I have encountered some people saying that learning Latin first is what is commonly ...
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How to start learning Latin?

I am a newbie to this language so I don't know where to start. I am ready to take a lot of effort and would really like to know how to master this language. How can I get started with learning Latin?
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What trustworthy books in French introduce Latin?

To wit, I'm seeking a French equivalent of Wheelock's Latin. I'm not asking about natural approaches like Lingua Latina.
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Is it better to memorize verb's 1st person perfect tense?

Is it necessary to memorize verb's perfect form like paro, parare, paravi? Or can I predict a verb's perfect forms if I remember the rules by which perfect stems are formed. Like, the suffix -v/iv or ...
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Interlinear texts for reading fluency in Latin

I would be interested in people's considered opinions of the utility of interlinear texts* in learning to read Latin (or any other language)? Do they help or hinder? Are they a pedagogical resource ...
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To accent or not to accent in Greek

Bravely trying to scrape the rust of millennia off my Greek (it was last millennium when I learned it) I am faced at the outset with the question of accents. At school we had a lenient régime which ...
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Less complicated Latin texts to continue reading after highschool

So I realise this might not be a well defined question, but I hope it can still classify as not being a discussion. So I have just finished highschool and after 6 years of Latin, I am not quite ...
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How essential are the demonstrative pronoun declensions?

The Oxford Latin Course presents the numerous declensions of is, ille, hic, and ipse early in their introductory course (chapter 8 of 31). I am wondering if I should stop here and memorize all of ...
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Is translating texts from Latin really necessary to learn the language?

I know that translating texts from Latin is the traditional way to learn the language (and for many people the main goal), but I think that being able to translate a piece of text, however complicated ...
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Does writing improve reading comprehension?

Some study or teach Latin with the sole intent of reading old texts. Therefore some restrict studying Latin to mostly reading and the prerequisite grammar. It is quite clear that writing — or ...
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Is there anywhere I can go to check if my answers to worksheet questions are correct?

I just began learning the language on my own using a textbook I downloaded from a classics website. I want to make sure I am on the right track and that I am properly declining nouns and adjectives. I ...
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How to search Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum for words?

Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum (CIL) is a large corpus of Latin inscriptions. The Wikipedia page contains some links, but none of the tools linked there seem to allow me to make a text search. For ...
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Resources for pronouncing Latin

What resources are out there for learning to pronounce Latin? Latin was pronounced differently in different places and eras, so resources for any part of the spatiotemporal realm of Latin are welcome. ...
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Should I study Latin in English or in Spanish?

I am a native speaker of Spanish, and a fluent speaker of English. I would like to learn Latin. My intuition tells me that I should study Latin using translations/books in Spanish. This is because ...
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Where to find an online Latin text corpus and what can I do with it?

Suppose I want to search for a certain word, expression or structure in the Latin literature. What online tools can I use for such purposes? Where can I find a large collection of Latin texts in ...
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4 answers

Material for learning new poetic meters

I like metric poetry, and sometimes I want to broaden my horizons by learning a new poetic meter. This has proven quite difficult, because the descriptions in many guides are quite terse. For example, ...
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How to find scholarly articles related to Latin?

If I want to find research articles of some kind to learn more about a particular topic related to Latin, what should I do? I am a trained scientist, but my own research is on a very different field. ...
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9 votes
3 answers

How do I know where to place macrons?

How do I use macrons? I understand what they do and how they do it, I just don't understand how you know when and where to place them.
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