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Bonjour tout le monde !

Full disclosure: I strive to balance my descriptive/prescriptive on the scale, but I am admittedly prone to the prescriptive.

My appreciation for this site and community comes from the joys of observing and sharing questions in this ever-changing bastard child of a language. A native speaker of American English with influences from the American South and from Canada, I am also fluent in French (C2) and Québécois French (C1).

Foreign languages, linguistics, and pedagogy are my academic passions, and I have a background in Latin (caveat emptor) as well as working competencies in Italian, Spanish, and German. My degree is in French Linguistics.

As a teacher, working with children brings great opportunities to research language acquisition and intersubjectivity. Occasionally I work taking orders and vending vittles at a restaurant near you. Both these positions give me a wide sampling of language usages, and I am eager to learn and share.

I also enjoy long walks on the beach and foreign films.

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