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I am an undergraduate in physics and math. I am currently doing research in two fields: classical optics and quantum information; here's my Google Scholar page. My favorite subjects in physics and math are quantum mechanics and linear algebra, respectively. One shouldn't be surprised by my interest in quantum computing.

Optical coherence uses methods from statistics, Fourier analysis, functional analysis, and linear algebra to characterize correlation functions for partially coherent light. Partial coherence is a measure of how "much" interference would occur if two points of a beam were diffracted into the far-field. One expects that the sun, which has many sources (atoms), to produce partially coherent light (which it does).

The qudit Dicke states form the completely symmetric irreducible basis of $su(d)$. Methods from linear algebra, (algebraic) combinatorics, group theory, and Lie theory are used to characterize the Dicke states.

I intend on pursuing a Physics PhD, although I hope to take many math courses in graduate school.

Subjects I would like to learn:

  1. Topology (learning this semester)
  2. Complex Analysis (graduate level)
  3. General Relativity
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