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Been saved by Christ since 2012! I love God, and biblical truth. One of my hobbies is to study Scripture & to read many theological books.

To introduce myself:

1.) I hold to the inerrancy & infallibility of Scripture.

2.) I’m a non-denominational Protestant Christian.

3.) I am reformed in my theology.

4.) I desire to properly exegete scripture, and am willing to admit I can fail at that.

5.) I love God & the brethren & am excited to get to know people on BHSE/CSE.

Favorite theological topics: (Not in order of importance)

1.) Textual Criticism of the Bible: Recommended reads: Textual Criticism of the Bible: Revised Edition (Lexham Methods Series) – by Amy Anderson (Author), Wendy Widder (Author)

2.) Hell: Recommended reads: (Hell on Trial: The Case for Eternal Punishment Paperback – by Robert A. Peterson (Author)

3.) Deity of Christ/Christology/Trinitarian: Recommended reads: A Definitive Look at Oneness Theology: In the Light of Biblical Trinitarianism – January 1, 2016 by Edward L. Dalcour Ph.D. (Author)

4.) Biblical History: Recommended reads: Early Church History Library, 3 Volumes (Philo, Josephus, Eusebius) & Israel & The Nations: The History of Israel from the Exodus to the Fall of the Second Temple By: F.F. Bruce

5.) Historical Jesus: The Historical Jesus: Ancient Evidence for the Life of Christ By: Gary R. Habermas

6.) Biblical reliability/Biblical Origins: The Historical Reliability of the Gospels by Craig L. Blomberg (Author)

7.) Theodicy

8.) Reformed doctrine: Recommended read: What Is Reformed Theology?: Understanding the Basics by R. C. Sproul (Author)

9.) All of Scripture: OT/NT

10.) Evidence of the Resurrection of Christ

11.) Hermeneutics/Exegesis: 40 Questions About Interpreting the Bible by Robert Plummer (Author)

12.) Bible difficulty books: New International Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties by Gleason L. Archer Jr. (Author)

13.) Apologetic books

14.) Biblical commentaries

15.) Systematic theologies

16.) Books on Creation: Creation And Change: Genesis 1:1–2:4 in the Light of Changing Scientific Paradigms by Douglas F. Kelly (Author)

17.) Learning Koine Greek (in slow progress)

18.) Comparative religions (mainly for evangelism)

19.) Unique Theological/Biblical topic type books.

20.) Books on Prayer

21.) Books on the development of the Jewish & Christian Canon of Scripture: The Canon of Scripture – by F. F. Bruce (Author)

(Possibly more….)

What book would you recommend I read? I would recommend the following:

The Origin of the Bible Paperback – July 7, 2020 by Philip W. Comfort (Editor)

Can acquire at or

"And further, my son, be admonished by these. Of making many books there is no end, and much study is wearisome to the flesh.*" Ecclesiastes 12:12

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