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× 29
For questions about the ablative case.
× 3
For questions about the ablative of respect.
× 28
For questions related to use of Latin in academia, for example Latin phrases or diplomas. Notice that this does not mean Latin at an academic level of study, but rather Latin questions related to univ…
× 3
× 26
For questions about the accusative case.
× 6
For questions about the accusativus cum infinitivo structure.
× 83
For questions about adjectives.
× 21
For questions about the epic Aeneis by Vergilius (Aeneid by Vergil).
× 3
× 12
× 2
× 3
× 40
For questions regarding evolution, pronunciation, and forms of the Latin alphabet and its letters
× 3
× 4
Questions related to Lucius Apuleius Madaurensis (c. 124 – c. 170 AD) and his work. Apuleius wrote the novel The Golden Ass (or Metamorphoses) and several non-fiction works.
× 3