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We can resort to Leviticus 19:18. (Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people,). Both (which occurs much less often than one would think) the Vulgate and Castellio, use the same formula: nec memor eris injuriae civium tuorum (Vulgate) neve acceptae ab eis [popularibus] iniuriae memor esto (Castellio) This is quite interesting ...


posting this after the answer has been accepted, but here is another option if you allow synonyms to τάσσω. κοσμέω has a synonymous meaning to tasso and the following English words seem to be related: cosmos cosmetology cosmonaut cosmogony cosmopolite cosmetic macrocosm


taxi, taximeter, task, tax, taxis, taxology, taxation All seem to also stem from τάσσω. Taximeter and taxology sound particularly Hellenic as they are a mixture of 2 Hellenic based words. meter - from Greek μέτρο (measure) logy - from Greek λογία See also a relative article on the etymology of the words above. Task is also close to the original meaning, ...


Another common English word is syntax: literally the "ordering together" of words, from συντάσσω > σύνταξις.


The word you are looking for would be taxonomy, from τάσσω, fut. τάξω, to arrange in a certain order, e.g. of troops. Τακτικός is that which is required for the arrangement: the tactics.


In episode 8 I think of Legio XIII, Luke Ranierus, definitely one of the best Latin speakers in the world today, referred to himself as a nerd and he used the word 'umbratico' which L&S defines as an effeminate person, as well as one who is fond of the shade. The word was only used 8 times up until 200AD according to packhum. For those words that ...

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