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Exsistitne in lingua Latina verbum pro die post cras?

“On the day after tomorrow” = perendie scies igitur fortasse cras, summum perendie, Cic. Att. 12, 44, 3; id. Fam. 16, 17, 3. Perendination is a regular procedure in Roman law.
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Estne in lingua Latina verbum pro die ante heri?

Est quippe vocabulum Latinum designans hoc quod rogas, scilicet nudiustertius vel (si mavis separatim scribere) nudius tertius. Ut planius explicem sensum huius vocabuli ad litteram, nudiustertius ...
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How do you say "dry river/watercourse" in Latin?

I think the following shows there wasn't/isn't just one definitive term, though I hope you can get something to use out of my answer. Titus Livius (Livy), The History of Rome, Book 4 Chapter 30 http:/...
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