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Questions concerning verbs: words describing action.

Verbs are action-words: words that describe the action done by the subject. Verbs can be both active, passive, and even an inbetween called medio-passive. Examples of verbs include ‘give’, ‘hurt’, ‘hit’, ‘love’, ‘reads’, ‘is’.

  1. John gave Mary a pedalcar for her birthday.
  2. You hurt me deeply.
  3. Mary hit Paul with a pillow.
  4. Paul loves to dance the tango.
  5. John’s thesis reads well.
  6. Paul is John’s father.
  7. John was given much love during his childhood.

The first four examples demonstrate active verbs; the fifth demonstrates a medio-passive verb; the sixth is an example of an intransitive verb, where the verb functions almost like an equals sign; and the seventh is an example of a passive verb.

Questions within this category have verbs as a main part of their problem; other tags will usually be helpful to further specify the question.