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"Sharing" and "caring" are ambiguous in English. If the context is encouraging people to give to a religious charity for the poor, then I think "dare amare" is a great translation: "giving [is] loving". In other contexts, you probably want something else.


It's quite difficult to find a really good Latin equivalent here. Belatedly, I offer colendo partem habeas — a rough formulation, but right, I think, in spirit.


Hoc (here hoc is simply 'this.') opusculum This little work, , quamdiu vixero, for as long as I shall live, doctioribus (here dative after offero) to those more learned emendandum offero I offer for [their] correction. What a generous dedication. Can it possibly be recent?


You suggested in the second sentence of your answer to the related question, which spawned this question, that you're using 'conveniently' to talk about a lucky break, so that it really means something like 'if we're lucky,' 'as luck would have it,' or 'if things go our way.' Unfortunately, although English 'conveniently' may be able to be used like this, ...

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