For questions requesting translations of full sentences.

This tag is most useful when requesting translation help for longer passages of text, be it English–Latin, Latin–English or to and from any of the other languages supported by the site’s users. Questions under this tag need to mind that the context of the sentence matters highly, so make sure you include an explanation of by whom, when and for what, as this can have great impact on word choice, interpretation, grammatical interpretations and more.

An example of a good question would be along the lines of this:

In Seneca the Younger’s Dē īrā book I chapter 13, he explains that we shouldn’t excuse excessive anger, then goes on to say that (v. 3):

‘Utilis’, inquit, ‘ira est, quia pugnaciores facit.’ Isto modo et ebrietas ; facit enim protervos et audaces multique meliores ad ferrum fuere male sobrii ; isto modo dic et phrenesin atque insaniam viribus necessariam, quia saepe validiores furor reddit. Quid?

I am struggling with the sentence after the quote. I have interpreted [so and so word] to mean [so and so], and I take [so and so word] to be [so and so case]. Given this, I have arrived at the following preliminary translation:

[Preliminary translation.]

I know this has errors. What exactly is he saying here and what does [so and so phrase] mean in this context?

In this example question, the user has presented whom the writer is, which text it is, and its exact location in the work; this allows the answerers to know exactly which style of Latin they are dealing with. Further, the asker has provided an attempt, pointed out any errors they belive are present, and finally asked a specific question requesting help with a sentence and how it is to be understood in its context. That is what this tag is for.