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Is this the entire corpus of Latin up to 200 AD?

"I would think there would be more." More than 362 individual authors? Most people, when they come across the site, fail to notice the little check box at the top right corner of the page (...
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Is this the entire corpus of Latin up to 200 AD?

Note the exact wording: This website contains essentially all Latin literary texts written before A.D. 200 Emphasis mine. The PHI corpus is focused on literature, and does truly include essentially ...
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What do the author numbers in PHI5.3 mean?

In case it helps someone figure this out, here are the authors in numerical order. This is a sorted version of the list of authors. The years indicate when the person lived. When unsure, it gives ...
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What is the proper way to cite the Packhum corpus?

Finding the Publication Date: Enter the URL into the browser preceded by 'inurl:' inurl:https://latin.packhum.org/search After accessing that page, add '&as_qdr=y15' to the end of the URL: ...
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