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How to have my hair cut?

How about something more straightforward, from Plautus's Asinaria: Ad tonsorem ire dixit. He said he was going to the barber. But if you're not going to a barber per se, just going to get a haircut (...
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Is `patrick-conscriptus` a pun to name a software bot acting on Patrick's behalf?

Yes, Patrick conscriptus is correct, and your expression can indeed be read as, “the Patrick who was written/drawn up/composed.” And if your goal is a pun on patres conscripti (singular: pater ...
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Translating plant names used attributively

Using the genitive singular of mālum seems to be common and perhaps the safest choice. I don't think it necessarily means "the juice/flower of one apple"; I think it can be interpreted as &...
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Is Traupman's "Conversational Latin for Oral Proficiency" of good latinity?

I have not seen this book myself, but this review in an academic journal might be of interest to you:
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