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Your answers are fine: confirm it here For very enthusiastic eating and drinking you could try vŏro, āvi, ātum, 1, v. a. and n. Sanscr. root gar-, to swallow; Gr. root βορ- in βιβρώσκω, to devour; cf. also gramen, to swallow whole, swallow up, eat greedily, devour (cf. absorbeo). Veni, Vidi, Voravi.


As a newcomer to this site, I share the following translation of the poem Gute Nacht (first published 1823; revised 1824) by Wilhelm Mueller of Dessau. In this text, "Good night" is translated in two different ways, once as "Quiesce molliter!", then again as "Sit fausta nox". The 1823 version of the Winterreise cycle was set to music by Schubert as the ...

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