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What was the symbol used for 'one thousand' in Ancient Rome?

The shortest answer is, often they didn't use anything! Roman numerals weren't frequently used for numbers greater than a thousand; accountants doing math with big numbers would have alternate systems ...
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Both 'masculus' and 'vir' mean man/male: what's the difference?

Vir means "man" and is used as a noun. It is a very common word. Masculus can be translated as "male" or "masculine"; it is used as a noun or adjective, and is less ...
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Novo v. Novus v. Novum for demonym

This prior question is relevant: A Latin adjective for New York? You could make a compound adjective Novohispaniensis/hispanus/hispanicus (compare Novocomensis). "Novohispano" has been used ...
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What other numeral systems were used in Classical Rome?

While there were variant symbols within the wider Roman numeral system — and many Romans taught by Greek preceptors may have made use of the Greek system, a notable example being Claudius Ptolemy's ...
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