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Have these Greek letters been related to these Latin/English letters?

F and Φ: No. F descends from Greek digamma, a letter that originally represented /w/, which died out in the Greek alphabet shortly after /w/ did. You can still see relics of it in the number system. H ...
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decipher graduation date from diploma

It's 8 days (a.d. viii) before the 1st of June (kal. iun.). In proper Roman counting, that would be the 25th, since Romans practiced inclusive counting. However, there's no guarantee your university ...
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Is there a Latin equivalent for "FYI" (for your information)?

Ad tuo nuntio is not grammatical, and ad tuum nuntium, the grammatically correct version, doesn't mean "for your information" anyway. The Romans weren't big on acronyms, but one that does ...
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Conjugate dīrígere as 1st-person past tense

Dīrigō is a third conjugation verb. The imperfect forms regularly, dīrigēbam, as you can find in any 3rd conjugation table. The perfect is a bit more tricky. Since third conjugation verbs have ...
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Are there any general rules for creating 'proper' Latin neologisms, beyond matching gender, number, and case?

Many Latin's lovers across the world would like use the Latin in the today's life, but they cannot find Latin names for the things of our time. Answering to your question is not easy. First, we need ...
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