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looking for help with the Latin word for "open"

I think in this case, resero wins, because its primary meaning means "unlock." For aperio, the meanings derive from the action of opening a door or even uncovering an object. The verb ...
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How do I say ''Don't do things halfway.'' in Latin?

Another option, perhaps: dimidium facti parum est. Half of a deed is inadequate/too little/not enough. This is a 'mash-up' of two passages: Horace, Epistulae 1.2.40: dimidium facti, qui coepit, ...
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How do I say ''Don't do things halfway.'' in Latin?

Perhaps it is possible to translate literally, but lets examine other options: we can use conata or conatus(4th dec.) or coeptum to denote things started/hoped/attempted, as in Caesar Perfacile factu ...
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Championship = "Pilae" but Pilae = ball, pillar, etc

Definitely don't trust Google Translate here. Pilae literally means "balls", either the kind you use in sports, or anything roughly spherical—e.g. it was used to describe the shape of the ...
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