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Is an infinitive as a noun neuter in gender?

It is best to distinguish between the 'true' infinitive (esse, vocare, vinci) and compound or periphrastic infinitives, which are really a construction of a participle plus the infinitive esse (...
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Any relationship between the parts of speech of the word to which a prefix can apply and of the word from which a prefix is derived?

The set of forms in Latin that can be used both as prepositions and as prefixes to verbs is fairly fixed (including things like in, ad, dē, ex/ē, etc.). You can consider these prefixes to be what ...
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What is the verb in Πρωτεσίλαος?

It may be one of the verbs derived from πρῶτος/πρότερος, such as πρωτεύω "be first among" or προτερέω "surpass". It's very possible that there was another verb like *πρωτέω formed ...
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