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What is the difference between a roman ("novel") and a "Milesiae fabula"?

(A partial answer, on which I hope others will expand:) There was an original collection of Milesian Tales (Μιλησικά), written in Greek by Aristides of Miletus in the second century BC. These have ...
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What does 'iure civili' mean in Apuleius VI.23, when Cupid and Psyche get married?

This one seems pretty straightforward to me? The notion is of a proper jus civile marriage, as opposed to the commonlawish jus gentium. It's a sort of joke, right in Apuleius' wheelhouse. Jus civile ...
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What can "dicere" mean in the context of a musical instrument?

It's not necessary to be too literal in translating something like this, and I can't see any objection to the poetic licence in your suggestion of 'reciting', which makes the English roll along nicely ...
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Nemo te alius pari potestate saepius profuit (Apul. Florida 9)

I would actually suggest a third solution: alius + ablative (nemo alius te: nobody else than you). Alius + ablative is recorded by the Oxford Latin Dictionary: "nec quicquam aliud libertate ...
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