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In the Czech Republic there are many diplomas issued in Latin (definitely the largest Charles University does so) and hence official translation services are available. The services do include translations into English and German, because that's what Czechs need the translations for, the Latin original is normally accepted here just fine. For example: ...


Well, a search for "Vatican" and "Latin translator" put me on to this guy, Daniel Gallagher, who has left the priesthood and has joined the Classics faculty at Cornell, "[a]fter eight years at the Vatican translating the pope’s messages – sermons, letters, even tweets – into Latin ..." You can read the rest of the article here. Which is really just ...


The Colombian Ministry of External Relations can produce an official certificate that Colombia has no official translators between Latin and Spanish:


I found this service when I searched Google: Scholaro Translation They specifically mention translating diplomas from Latin, and are a member of the American Translators Association. I don't know whether that carries much weight in and of itself, though, since I'm not familiar with that association. They also mention their translations are accepted world ...

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