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What does ut mean in this sentence

I'm struggling to find the right translation for 'ut' in the sentence below. For context, it's part of a property transaction in a Manorial Court Roll from circa 1700. Willelmus Taylor dedit Domino ...
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iuvare ut + subjunctive

In English, I might ask you to "help me [to] do" some task. Would the most (classically) idiomatic Latin equivalent be an ut clause (e.g., "iuva ut faciam ...")? My only reason for ...
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Ethics of Spinoza - est ut

Spinoza, Ethics, De Deo, Propositio 33, Scholium 2: Quare non est ut in hoc absurdo refutando tempus consumam. William White translates it: Therefore it is not worthwhile that I should waste time ...
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How do I negate an ut clause of result?

Ut clauses of result are excellent for saying "so ___ that". But what if I wanted to reverse this and say "not ___ enough to"? For example, tam strenue laborābam ut epistolās centum scripserim means "...
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Jenney's Second Year Latin, Lesson 12, exercise E: Ut clauses and how to translate English infinitives

I'd like some clarification on the possible translations of "to see you." I'm teaching Jenney's Second-Year Latin (1990, Prentice-Hall edition). In the introduction to Lesson 12 (page 138), the book ...
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Why does "ut" mean such different things when it has a subjunctive verb vs. an indicative one?

We all know that ut, when paired with a subjunctive, is translated as "in order to" (purpose), "to" (indirect command), and, with some words, "that" (result/fear). However, ut with an indicative ...
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