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Why is "promissum" (singular) used here and not "promissa" (plural)?

Lines 166–173 of chapter XXIII of Lingua latina per se illustrata. Familia Romana reads (emphasis mine in the word I find difficult to understand):       Mārcus: "Posthāc bonus discipulus ...
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In “word x is case y”, what dictates the verb’s number?

In the languages I am familiar with where verbs are pluralised, if you have more than one subject, the verb has to agree in number to however many subjects there are. However, in Lingua latīna per sē ...
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First Declension Singular, Gen or Dat?

I'm learning the first declension and I am confused on how the word "terrae" is used as a genitive but can be used as a dative. How do I translate if I am given just the word "terrae?&...
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When should nūllus be singular vs plural?

“Nūllus” indicates a quantity of zero, so it's not obvious if it should be plural or singular, and I have seen examples of both, but I am unsure what the choice should be based on. The first pair of ...
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Were Etruscan words such as "avil" (year) and "sum" (foot, measurement of length) singularia tantum or pluralia tantum?

Were Etruscan words such as "avil" (year) and "sum" (foot, measurement of length) singularia tantum or pluralia tantum? Would adjectives applied to them be declined in singular or ...
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Why Does Cicero use the Third-Person Singular Instead of the Plural Form?

Cicero, de Oratore (2.25.108): " quibus hoc praecipit ratio et doctrina ut vis eius rei, quam definias sic exprimatur ut neque absit quicquam neque supersit," "...on which ...
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Does a general rule for forming Locative Singular exist?

If I understood right the Locative is mostly to be formed in singular (e.g. domi, ruri, ...). Some websites say that we just use the same form as the genitive, some websites say that we use the ...
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