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Questions tagged [scholarship]

For questions where the scholarship surrounding the study of classics is concerned.

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What the titles for reputable academic journals that were published in latin between the years 1500 and 1900?

I want to use a computer system to find sentences in old academic journals, of good repute, that contain the word ludi, or words related to ludi. SentenceNumber ExampleSentence EnglishSentence 1 Mi ...
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To what degree Latin proper accents are known and taught?

NOTE: After comment by @Draconis and others: I have used the term "accent" as per Webster: effort in speech to stress one syllable over adjacent syllables. Sorry if this is not the ...
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How do the different numbering systems for Ambrose’s letters relate to each other?

Background On p. 27 of Liebeschuetz and Hill’s Ambrose of Milan : Political Letters and Speeches in the series Translated Texts for Historians, vol. 43, they note that: Latin Text: Otto Faller, ...
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