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For questions related to (but not solely concerning) the Russian language.

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Learning Russian through Latin: Which book should I use?

I have achieved my goal in learning Latin, which is to be able to read more or less fluently both classical and Renaissance authors. So I think it would be fun to use Latin to learn my next language: ...
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Is *Moscovia* a latinists' invention?

Quoting this article on Grammatica Russica by Heinrich Wilhelm Ludolf: The Russian city of Novgorod (literally ‘new town’) becomes (in the ablative case) Novogorodio. Moscow is Moscovia, though it ...
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Did 'liquidus' or 'liquo' mean 'abolish' and 'destroy, kill'?

I was reading the etymology of the English 'liquidate', when I read on Wiktionary that The sense "to kill, do away with" is a semantic loan from Russian ликвиди́ровать (likvidírovatʹ), ultimately ...
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Translation of a phrase "Catch the moment, ..." to Latin

I hope someone who speaks Russian could help me in translating a phrase "Лови момент. Цени мгновение." into Latin. I'm afraid the original meaning could be lost or transformed if I translate it to ...
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