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References to "coin tossing", "heads or ships", or "navia aut caput"

Dear Latin or Greek experts, I'm doing a project on the statistics of coin tossing. I would like to provide some references to ancient Greek, Roman, or other texts that reference the practice of coin ...
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Ranking the Difficulty of Latin Authors

Has there been a rigorous study of ranking the difficulty of ancient Latin authors? You often see (and, from personal experience, feel) the increase in difficult going from Caesar to Tacitus or Vergil ...
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Why 'Vir' is the only word of 2nd declension with -ir ending?

I'd like a detailed explanation of the word 'Vir' denclesion. Vir is the only word of the second denclension with 'ir' ending. What is the reason for this phenomenon? Anyone knows a research about it ...
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How can I use Perseus for Boolean searches?

Background and question Encouraged by Joonas Ilmavirta in chat, as ‘Corpus tool questions are a useful thing to have for reference’, I boldly go forth asking this publicly: Does anyone know how to do ...
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How do you search through one work in TLG?

The Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG) is a popular research tool for working on Greek texts. (Unfortunately, it's a "freemium" model, so you need to pay for full access or get it through a research ...
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How has literature helped archaeology?

Is there a good example case where extant ancient literature has helped understand archaeological findings? This could mean, for example, a Roman author mentioning a tool and its use, which has helped ...
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What are the most important scholarly resources for Latin and Greek historical linguistics?

When it comes to historical linguistics (history, prehistory, Indo-European studies, etymology) of Latin and Greek, what are the most important resources? The resources can be historical grammars, ...
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Where does one find research on Latin? [duplicate]

For high school, I am researching some changes in Latin, but finding good scientific sources or papers online is really hard. Locally also isn't an option: the library had nothing of use. Is there ...
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