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What does Martin Waldseemüller mean by "asie partis" in his map Carta Marina?

This webpage from Spanish BBC talks about the second main map by Martin Waldseemüller, the first mapper to name the continent America, called Carta Marina. There, we see the southern portion of ...
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What does "sed eos insuper permiscue porcos esse" mean in Hermann von dem Busche's Vallum Humanitatis?

In 1518, the Cologne humanist Hermann von dem Busche published Vallum Humanitatis, which he meant in the sense of A Defensive Rampart around the Humanities. As Hermann tells it, this defense was ...
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Can someone explain this construction?

I'm trying to read the opening (Latin) poem of Robert Burton's The Anatomy of Melancholy. Here's a link to the page in the edition. The title is Democritus Junior ad Librum Suum. For some reason ...
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Need help translating some sentences from Johannes Oecolampadius [closed]

This is my first time posting here, so if my request is inappropriate or unwelcome, I apologize! I recently completed a draft of a previously untranslated discourse by Johannes Oecolampadius on the ...
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Can "si vixero" be understood in the sense of "quamdiu vixero" in Petrarch, Fam. 11.6?

In Petrarch's Epistolae ad Familiares 11.6, we find this sentence about friendship as both joy and burden: Etsi enim amicorum nichil affectu ac pietate dulcius habeam aut sperem, sepe tamen arctius me ...
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