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4 votes
1 answer

What where the formal words in Rome for human genitals? I have heard that penis/vagina had the same tone as cock/cunt today

I have several times heard anecdotes on the theme that the words we use for genitals today were considered very vulgar back in Rome during ancient times, similar to cock/cunt etc in modern vocabulary (...
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7 votes
1 answer

Are there Latin angry oaths like the English "damn it!" or "for God's sake!"?

Nowadays (I guess) every language has both vulgar and non-vulgar ways to express anger, frustration and/or exasperation , in response to some nuisance. Looking e.g. at Catullus, it seems unlikely that ...
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14 votes
2 answers

Does mentula ("penis") derive from the same root as mens ("mind"), and if so why?

The Latin word mentula isn't properly defined in the Lewis & Short dictionary, but it does show up on and Wiktionary. Both those dictionaries define mentula as "penis". But ...
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10 votes
1 answer

The syntax of swearing

How to swear in Latin? I am not looking for vocabulary, but syntax. Did the Romans only swear using interjections, or did could swearing be used within a sentence? There are several ways to swear in ...
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15 votes
1 answer

Are there dictionaries that translate profanities profanely?

Sometimes I come across Latin profanities, for example when reading a certain poem of Catullus. Many dictionaries fail to translate profanities properly, perhaps in order to maintain a certain level ...
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7 votes
1 answer

What is the difference between cēvēre and crīsāre?

According to Wikipedia, cēvēre loosely means the actions of a female during intercourse, whereas crīsāre is the same but with anal sex. It later states however that cēvēre refers only to the actions ...
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