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Nonne "a fortiori, a priori, a posteriori" solecismi sunt?

Are the terms a fortiori, a priori, and a posteriori bad Latin? If so, how and when did they become established? I understand that the dative case never takes a preposition in Latin—a most welcome ...
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What is "philosophy" in Latin?

The Latin word I would use for to translate "philosophy" is philosophia. But this is a transliteration of a Greek word. Is there an originally Latin word for "philosophy"? The closest word I could ...
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What is the difference between an adjective ending in -alis and a genitive (in particular in Philosophia Naturalis/Naturae)?

In Latin literature, one can encounter both the expressions Philosophia Naturalis (e.g. by Isaac Newton) and Philosophia Naturae (e.g. by Johannes Sperlette) to refer to physics. The literal ...
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How to say, "Many are not one?" Pluribus non paribus unum?

How to say, "Many are not one?" Is it: pluribus non paribus unum?
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