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Sextus Empiricus and Latin

I am learning Latin from Duolingo and when i finish Duolingo, i am planning to move to Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata, the famous book. In this context i am wondering that when i finish these two, ...
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"Άγεωμέτρητος μηδεὶς εἰσίτω" in Latin

Legend has it that the gable of Plato's Academy read: "Let no one enter who is ignorant of geometry" ("Άγεωμέτρητος μηδεὶς εἰσίτω"). How do you render that in classical Latin? Here ...
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How would Roman name an Übermensch?

I was thinking of "homo superus/superior" but I don’t know which one is better. I’m referring to the concept introduced by Nietzsche.
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What is "I am not the only conscious being" translated into Latin?

I am translating an unpublished philosophy text into Latin and I am having a little trouble with the following sentence. I am not the only conscious being. My first attempt was Ēns cōnscius ūnicus ...
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Use of 'eo' in a sentence

I am trying to translate the following from a work on philosophy: Manifestabo tibi, quod radii, qui fluunt ab unaquaque substantiarum, non sunt praeter intellectum substantialitatis, etsi sint vires, ...
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English translation of a philosophical quote from Spinoza in Latin

Notandum, dari necessario unius cujusque rei existentis certam aliquam CAUSAM, propter quam existit. Et notandum, hanc causam, propter quam aliqua res existit, vel debere contineri in ipsa natura et ...
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Instructional book for the Medieval philosophy student

I'm seeking for a book which contains several fragments of the medieval philosophical works, literally translates them and explains the obscure points for who wants to improve his Latin.
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Are dialogues in ancient texts declared with "He said: ..." and "She said: ..."

I am particularly interested atm in the Edda where it has "Foo spake:" and "Bar spake:" before several of the stanzas. But that's Old Norse. This being a Latin site, I am interested in the Latin Mass ...
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Is Nietzsche's proposed etymology of "bonus" (good) correct?

In the first treatise of On the Genealogy of Morality, §5, Nietzsche proposes the following derivation of bonus (good): I believe I may interpret the Latin bonus as "the warrior": assuing that ...
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Why did the Romans link Autumn with earth and melancholy, Spring with air and sanguine, and Winter with water and phelgm?

I don't understand the Romans' linking of humor, season, and characteristics for Humours 1-3. E.g. for 1: 1.1. Why'd black bile predominate in autumn (which I agree, is cold and dry)? 1.2. Why'd ...
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How would you translate ἡ τοῦ ἀγαθοῦ ἰδέα into Latin?

Question As a sequel to my previous question, how would you translate ἡ τοῦ ἀγαθοῦ ἰδέα ("the idea of the good") into Latin? I'm referring to the concept in Plato's Republic, where in Book ...
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Philosophically sound English translation of Duns Scotus's "sed forma non cognoscitur nisi ex operationibus"?

In Libri 1, Quaestio XX, sec. 26, of Duns Scotus's In Octo Libros Physicorum Aristotelis, Duns Scotus gives expression to a common tenet of a doctrine of the Forms when he writes [S]ed forma non ...
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Is Kant's "De Mundi Sensibilis atque Intelligibilis Forma et Principiis" available online in its Latin original?

Question. Is Kant's "De Mundi Sensibilis atque Intelligibilis Forma et Principiis" available online in its Latin original? Remarks. Rather unbelievably, it seems to me that the answer is currently ...
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What is the most helpful dictionary for post-medieval works of philosophy and mathematics?

I need Latin for my natural-language artificial intelligence research, and I've been at it for enough years that I can read Latin well, but need extensive practice with composition. Thus I have ...
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