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At what level of Latin would I be able to understand the writings of Cicero without translating to English?

I have been using the learning to read Latin textbook and workbook for some time now to teach myself Latin plus some occasional instruction from a priest. I find I need to translate everything I read ...
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How can you best teach possessive pronouns to English-speaking students?

Background Latin and Germanic languages such as German, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, and probably several more, have a specific word to denote possession: As Latin says suus, sua, suum, I as a ...
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Just how out of date are the major 19th/early 20th century English grammars of Latin (G&L, A&G, Bennett)

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, there were a slew of Latin grammars published in English that stuck around are still popular today (in the Anglophone world). A survey of various resources ...
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How to learn Latin without resources in mother language

My native language is Persian. There's no good and comprehensive book in Persian for learning Latin and Ancient Greek. There is no tradition for teaching these classical languages in Iran. Also in the ...
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19th century Latin textbooks?

What textbooks were used to teach Neo-Latin in primary, secondary, and higher education schools during the 19th century?
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5 answers

Learn Ancient Greek or Latin first?

I am in the beginning stages of thinking about learning both Ancient Greek and Latin. During my initial research, I have encountered some people saying that learning Latin first is what is commonly ...
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Any material on so-called "inverse analysis" and "minimal pairs" to practice Latin grammar?

I was wondering if anyone could provide me with references on any online material (pdf, links, etc.) of Latin Grammar which can contain exercises based on so-called "inverse analysis" and "minimal ...
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How was Latin taught in Western Europe in the 17th century?

Just like that, how exactly was Latin taught in Western Europe? Which method was used? Which pronunciation?
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How to instruct people fluent in English to pronounce Latin?

Sometimes people with little or no knowledge of Latin end up having or wanting to use it. I am typically willing to help and I have learned how to do it effectively with Finns. But how should I ...
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8 votes
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Online drills for Keller and Russell's Learn to Read Latin?

I'm currently teaching with Keller and Russell's Learn to Read Latin. I have a vague memory that there exists, or used to exist, a website with drills and exercises that are specifically keyed to the ...
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Example sentences where different cases mean different things

Can you suggest example sentences where changing the case of one noun keeps the sentence grammatical but changes meaning? Preferably a noun in the same sentence could be used in all five main cases (...
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14 votes
2 answers

When did Caesar's works begin to be used to teach Latin to non-native speakers?

Eleanor Dickey, a professor of Classics, responded recently to a question about the works read by those learning Latin as a second language in the Greek-speaking ancient world: [Students in the ...
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