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Do we use "satis multum" + genitive to convey "a sufficient amount of"?

The following sentence comes from lines 126-128 of chapter XVI of Lingua latina per se illustrata. Familia Romana: Nāvis aquā implērī incipit, neque enim nautae satis multum aquae haurīre possunt. ...
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On different expressions of partitivity in Latin

I was wondering whether there is any difference between the following partitive expressions in Latin: ūnus tribūnōrum and ūnus ex tribūnīs 'one of the tribunes' (cf. the so-called 'partitive genitive' ...
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Partitive genitive in Spinoza

Spinoza, Ethics, De Deo, Propositio 15, Scholium: Sane rerum quae realiter ab invicem distinctae sunt, una sine alia esse et in suo statu manere potest Is rerum partitive genitive and is it ...
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