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What diphthongs are available are Unicode ligatures?

What diphthongs are available are Unicode ligatures? I already know of æ (e.g., Romæ), œ (e.g., Œneus), and ꜷ (e.g., ꜷdire). Are there characters for the other diphthongs like ei, or eu. See When is ‘...
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Stenography system for the Latin language

I am aware of Tironian notes but it has several thousand signs, so I was wondering if during the history of the Latin language a smaller/simpler system was developed to be able to write more quickly ...
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Decoding words in Latin

It is very necessary to decipher the words in Latin. The text of the manuscript of the 13th century
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Translation of medical Latin from 1839

I am looking at a medical journal from Frederiks Hospital in Denmark, dated November 18, 1839, and would like help with the translation. Transcription may not be 100% correct, so I have also attached ...
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Translation of a few Latin words (two 1600s church records)

These church records are mostly in Danish but contain a few Latin words, some of which I haven't been able to translate. I have marked the Latin in bold. I have also included links to the full church ...
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What kind of scribal abbreviation for Christi is this?

These are the opening words of the "Subtrahente se famula Christi Liudmila" excerpt from Legenda Christiani (Vita et passio sancti Wenceslai et sanctae Ludmilae avae eius). However, what is ...
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Marsupial blackletter difficulty

I believe I have all of this except one word (please correct any errors): Reperitur hic animal habens reserva_____ quo suos pullos secum portat et eos uon nisi lactandi tempore emittit. Tale regi ...
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Translation of Scottish 16th century church stained glass

This piece of stained glass (about 500mm x 400mm) is in our house but came from our adjoining castle. I think it came from a since ruined church on the same site. Anyone know what it means?
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Help with paleography in a 16th century grant

I'm transcribing/translating a 16th century document relating to my ancestors, but struggling with a few words. One in particular is proving difficult - the contracted last word on the 1st line of the ...
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Help with paleography: What does this manuscript say?

I'm struggling to read a couple of words in a manuscript (MS Kassel, Murhardsche Bibliothek der Stadt und Landesbibliothek 4o med). This is what I've managed so far: 1446 Exitus Acta Probat Johannes ...
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Deciphering Latin text in an illuminated musical manuscript

I'm trying to decipher this text, or find at least part of a sentence so I can find the complete text online. I believe it's Latin, but stand to be corrected. The primary reason is I wanted to see if ...
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Books of reading medieval Latin manuscripts

I would like to learn how to read medieval Latin manuscripts, but they often use abbreviations/shorthand. What are some books that would help me read these manuscripts?
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What does this manuscript say?

On the Medieval Latin Wikipedia page, this image is present under Influences: Christian Latin. I can make out some of the words, but I'm not particularly good with interpreting scribes' handwriting. I ...
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Medieval siglum/abbreviation: "z" symbol

Two problems in a glosserd Genesis from southern France. The topic is the double narrative of the Creation of Man. This problem is another siglum / abbreviation using ‘z’. In this case it is not ...
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M N U V confusion in textura

I have two transcription problems in a glossed Genesis from southern France. The topic is the double Creation of Man narrative. The first problem is caused by the similarity of u m n v in the script. ...
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