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Is this the entire corpus of Latin up to 200 AD?

The Packard Humanities Institute (PHI) Latin Texts site claims to have 'essentially' all of the texts from before 200 AD plus a few others. Is this really all of the text from before 200 AD? I would ...
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What is the proper way to cite the Packhum corpus?

The PHI Latin corpus (previously known as PHI5.3 and now available to search online) is certainly an important tool, and I've made good use of it in various corpus analyses. However, I'm not sure how ...
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What do the author numbers in PHI5.3 mean?

In Packhum's Latin corpus (PHI5.3), each author is identified by a four-digit code. For example, Caesar is 0448, while Cicero is 0474, and Seneca the Younger is 1017. Each work is then given a three-...
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How do I access the PHI 5.3 corpus through CLTK?

CLTK (the Classical Languages ToolKit) seems to contain several tools to work with the Packhum Latin corpus. However, the actual setup process seems to require the use of several different tools, none ...
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