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What are auscultatores?

In honor of the last broadcast of the Nuntiī Latinī: Nuntii Latini Radiophoniae Finnicae Generalis, qui inde ab anno millesimo nongentesimo undenonagesimo (1989) iam triginta annos septimanatim ...
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What is the meaning of the phrase "solitō māiōre"?

A fellow member of a Latin Discord server I participate in posted this link to an article with a question regarding how one would interpret the phrase "solitō māiōre". Despite our efforts to interpret ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How has the meaning of constitutio changed?

The latest Nuntii Latini mentions the Spanish constitution in relation to the Catalonian independence movement. It appears that in contemporary Latin a constitution is simply constitutio. Judging by ...
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Is "vicepraesidens" valid for "vice president"?

This phrase appeared in Nuntii Latini last December: In causa erant discordiae inter praesidentem et vicepraesidentem ortae. Is vice- a good prefix in Latin, and does it really produce the same ...
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Am I grasping this gerund correctly? and also the talem...qualem pair?

This is actually a continuation of my last question. The following sentence is a little tricky, and I feel I may have missed a thing or two. I appreciate any feedback. "Etiam hac hora ...
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Unsure about my translation of "se una cum propinquis et amicis eorum ... dolere dixit"

On its December 23rd broadcast, Nuntii Latini had this to say about Angela Merkel. Angela Merkel, cancellaria foederalis Germaniae, se una cum propinquis et amicis eorum, qui strage Berolinensi ...
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