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Is this really a nominativus cum infinitivo? "Parentes adire…prohibentur"

This worksheet by Robin Meyer offers the following sentence as an example of a nominativus cum infinitivo: Parentes adire ad filios prohibentur. (Cic. Ver. 2.5, 117)Parents were prohibited to see ...
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Verb + esse + predicate nominative

Pueri debent esse boni Habitus vero mediocritatis intelligitur esse liberatio hominis a dispositionibus subiectibilibus Why are boni and liberatio nominative? It seems to me that they ought to be ...
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Nominativus cum infinitivo

Can somebody please tell me if my translation for the sentence: "It seems that the slave is carrying a letter." is correct? Videtur servus epistulam portare. videtur - 3rd person present ...
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Is the complement of esse in nominative or accusative when esse is a subject?

Suppose I want to say something like "I like being a human". There are undoubtedly several ways to phrase that in Latin, but I want to do it so that it the subject is "to be a human". The complete ...
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