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How to translate the word "ukulele"?

The ukulele also called Uke, is a member of the lute family of instruments of Portuguese origin and popularized in Hawaii. (Wikipedia) Cithara Havaiana is used in Vicipaedia but it seems wrong since ...
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Was vowel quantity observed when singing?

It's well established that vowel length was phonemic in Latin, and that it played an important role in poetic verse. It seems probable to me that it also mattered when singing, but do we have evidence ...
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What is the meaning of "salvus" in this sentence about music?

Instituta Patrum de modo psallendi is a High Medieval document, allegedly based on circulated precepts of Bernard of Clairveaux, and perhaps other church figures as well. It enjoins church communities ...
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Are ἄρσην, ἄρσις and θήλυ, θέσις etymologically related?

In Mt. 19:14, "άρσεν και θήλυ" means "male and female". In music terminology ἄρσις means a stressed/emphasized sound, and θέσις the corresponding unstressed one. Is ἄρσις ...
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Is "ab octo vocibus" a correct translation of "for eight voices"?

I'm wondering because of a composition I'm writing. I'm thinking of "Contrapunctus duplex ab octo vocibus" as a title for a movement.
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Passage from Odington

I am looking at a short passage from Odington's treaty on music, and am unsure about the last bit, particularly the meaning of "abiectus" in this context. I admit to having limited skill reading Latin-...
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What is an opera in Latin?

The genre of "opera" (as in, a particular type of theatre involving a lot of singing) post-dates the Roman Empire, and the English word for it transparently comes from the plural of opus. In most ...
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Meaning and etymology of 'vinnola' or 'vinola' or 'vinnus' (music term)?

I stumbled onto the word 'vinola' or 'vinnola' and the allegedly related 'vinnus' in treatises on medieval chant. I don't see these words in Wiktionary or any online dictionaries. Does anybody know ...
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On the etymology of "violin" and "vitula"

Several English etymological sources say violin is from Latin vitula. A vitula/vitulus is a calf. But why was the instrument named after a calf? But some sources say this vitula may be from vitulari "...
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Could someone help with a renaissance musical translation?

I am trying to translate a Latin title, reproduced below: Missæ tres Petro Certon pueris simphoniacis sancti sacelli Parisiensis auctore, nunc primúm in lucem ædit[a]e, cum quatuor vocibus, ad ...
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A counting poem or song

There are some traditional songs that are very repetitive and involve counting up or down. The only English example I know is "99 bottles of beer", and I know two in Finnish: "the elephant march" (...