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I'll put the kettle on

[Disclaimer: I know no Latin, and am asking from a position of ignorance; please feel free to correct any assumptions you spot!] My sister recently pondered what our family motto would be, if we had ...
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Seeking simple Latin translation for motto "fire, flow, transcendence"

I am in a community of flow artists and fire performers. I'm putting together a "coat of arms" of sorts for this community, and would like to include a motto in Latin. The motto in English would be ...
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translate motto into Latin

How would you translate this motto into Latin: “near side or off side, but always centered”. This refers to the side a lady rides on her horse in a side saddle: near side is with both legs on the left ...
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I want to get a tattoo but I need help with translation. How would you say “for myself” in Latin? Would you say “pro/per ego/memet”?

I want to get a tattoo but I need help with translation. How would you say “for myself” in Latin? Would you say “pro/per ego/memet”?
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Been wanting to get a tattoo saying, forgive but never forget in Latin

so I'm currently looking for what's the best way to tattoo "forgive but never forget" but I know the direct translation in Google may not always be correct, hence I am seeking for help. The ...
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Extending well known phrase

I was thinking about this recently, but my latin knowledge is restricted to well known academic phrases like in vitro, de jure, etc. and others like ad nauseam or in vino veritas, thus this question. ...
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"Obeying the law" in Latin

How to say "Obeying the law" or "we will obey the law" in Latin, as something like a slogan?
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needs a good Latin quote to caption magazine to mark my father in law's 100 birthday

my father in law who turns 100 is a lover of latin phrases . So we were looking to caption the magazine to mark the occasion. The phrase should signify a life well spent or lived or similar Do you ...
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What would be the translation for "self improvement and service"?

I'm looking for a motto for my company. We prioritize self improvement by doing things for others, so self improvement and service would fit, but what would be the most accurate translation in latin ...
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Please help build this motto!

Please help me build this motto: Learn Latin and learn so much more. Or suggest a better motto if you have any ideas! This is for Latin courses that are being offered at a school. Thank you in advance!...
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What's "Hemma" in "Unis Minor Hemma Unis Major Nostrum"? (might be dog-latin)

We saw this on a canal boat (not our image - the one we saw said "major" not "magis") and I could not figure out what the motto meant - mainly because I do not know who or what ...
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Translate into Latin: "To will the impossible" and "with will and sacrifice"

Hello and thank you in advance. Two phrases I am interested being in Latin: "To will the impossible" and "With will and sacrifice" First one being similar to "If there is a will, there's a way." ...
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